Preparing God's People For Works Of Service

Milestone Ministries is an Interdenominational Christian organization reaching out to support other Ministries, so that together we might “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature” as Jesus taught in Mark 16:15. 

We know Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, who suffered that we might be healed and died that we might be forgiven of our sins, only to rise from the dead, impart to us His Holy Spirit and prepare a place for us in heaven.  

Milestone Ministries was founded by Jack Desroches in 2003 with an urging from the Holy Spirit and a sincere desire to evangelize to the lost by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

It’s humble beginnings were a weekly Bible study and prayer in our home and today by the grace and mercy of God we conduct Bible studies in various locations and for people of all denominations and ages.  

Milestone Ministries is actively involved with more than a dozen ministries reaching well beyond the borders of it’s Massachusetts, USA origin.

Some of the Ministries we currently are blessed to encourage with financial gifts and prayer are listed on our Links page.  We encourage you to visit their web sites and get involved should God put it on your heart.

Our Stories


Homeless in Springfield MA

Volunteers give out blankets, mittens, food, and anything else to help those in need. The "anything else" includes just talking with the homeless people they encounter, and, if they are willing, inviting them to pray with the group.

They provide rides to shelters, including the Worthington House shelter at 769 Worthington St. "That's what we do," Dyson said. "We go out, we love them, and we care for them."


Mission Trips

It is obvious that our days here are going to be long and strenuous on our bodies, but it is also obvious that God will equip us and bless abundantly by the power of His Holy Spirit to do this work. I am beginning to grasp the scripture that proclaims "the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak". But today we have also experienced the scripture....."when the Holy Spirit comes He will come with power!

(photo from Lima Peru)


Restoring Lives

God promises us that He is a restorer.  No matter our age, situation, or sinful ways; God desires restoration in our life.  But, like our old house, restoration begins inside where it is not always evident to the world.  When we give our heart to Jesus He will turn it from stone to flesh.  As he begins to restore our heart it will soon begin to radiate on our outside.